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this page was initially dedicated to the KORG R3 synthesizer. Since I changed from my R3 to a RADIAS, all new patches will only be available for RADIAS

Since both synths are similar in their sound structure most topics will apply for them, especially concerning the vocoder 

You will find an archive of my sound programs, some hints to the usage of vocoders and maybe other infos related to it as well as my first songs, using only that R3 and another with my RADIAS

I recently got a Roland VP-770 so I have added a video with the same song as for the R3 with an extension. Even if the VP-770 vocoder (or Vocal Designer) has no major parameter change capabilities like the KORGs, it has a very good quality due the adjustable input section (Noise supressor/EQ/Compressor) which is the most imortant factor for a good vocoder sound (like you can read in the vocoder section). ATARI Falcon users will find the free copy of Voxx (the first 16-Band realtime SW-Vocoder) for download in this section too.

If you want to know more about these synthesizers then you should look at the manufacturers homepage. Also there is a lot of documentation about vocoders on the internet. If you want to comment or ask any questions then you can post me a message in this Korg Forum

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