The full version of Voxx is now free!

You can download and use Voxx under following simple conditions:

- No commercial redistribution. You can redistribute Voxx freely provided you do it without charges

- All copyrights are mine, the author of Voxx.

- No modifications or improvements to this software without my written permision

- I would be glad to recive musical copies/references where Voxx was used (see link below)

- Donations: If someone feels the need to make one, then for those who really need them!

Note: Since I don't have a Falcon any more, I can't offer any kind of support for it.

If you have questions about Voxx, try at   or this  Atari-Forum thread. There surely will be an Atarian who may help you. If you feel the need to contact me, then send a PM to "axxim" in the same forum.

If you agree with these conditions then download Voxx now!